Wheel of Dhamma

Feedback from past participants of courses

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Roop Jyoti –Industrialist and Economist

With Vipassana we get rid of our negativities and purify our mind and a pure mind guided by pure Dhamma always makesStudents meditating in the Dhamma Hall the right decision, always take the right actions.

L. Fresse, Vice-President, Fresse &Nicholas Inc.

Vipassana leads to clearer thinking and clear thinking is good for business.

D.R. Karthikeyan I.P.S

Special Director, Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi

I am able to increasingly accept people as they are instead of trying to change them all the time, to fit them in my own standard ‘frame’. To that extent life has become calmer, healthier, peaceful and positive.

S. Soni, Medical Director, Northern Cancer Centre, Dixon

More relaxed, do not get angry, good listener and performance is excellent along with productivity.

Srilata Swaminadhan

Rajasthan State party spokesperson-C.P.I & National President of the All India progressive Women’s Association

I am the scientist, I am the laboratory and I am the specimen! A whole new universe, that I was totally oblivious of, has opened up to me and I am on a new and meaningful journey.

N. Steven ,Vice-President, Sales, Reber / Russell Company Boulder, CO.

Continued improvement! Calmer in the face of client anxiety and market conditions.

Dr. A. N. Rao- Deputy Collector, Betul, M.P

I have experienced an inner joy by attending this course.

M. Schaffer, President & CEO, Global Tactics, Spokane, WA.

After the course, I have better ability to cope with stress, better concentration and higher energy level.

Dr. Ramesh Shah-Cardiologist, Mumbai

Though I am a medical practitioner for quite some time, I have no hesitation to say that I am highly grateful for this technique which helps to overcome the maladies.